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CI Movers provides Storage Services (Warehouse)

CI Movers is a full service mover in Singapore. We offer a full range of movers services in Singapore such as relocation, packing, disposal, transportation of goods, storage services and even truck rental services in Singapore.

We understand that when our customers (both residential and commercial) move house or office, it is without a doubt that there will be boxes and boxes of personal as well as office belongings lying around.

CI Movers is glad to solve your problem by providing storage services Singapore. Our warehouse is based in Singapore and we can help you to place your belongings in the warehouse temporarily. If you need longer term storage services, you can also call us at 6535 3116 to enquire more.

What will be involved in the storage services?

Basically, our dedicated movers specialists will provide you with boxes to fill up your belongings. The boxes, once filled, will be secured and we will help you to move your goods or belongings to the warehouse.

You can let us know prior to the move, how long you want to store your goods in our warehouse. If you are looking to store big bulky items such as a piano or organ, do let us know and we can assist as well. We are an experienced piano moving company in Singapore.

If you need help for waste disposal services after your move, we can help too!

What are the advantages of engaging CI Movers as a professional Storage Warehouse Singapore company?

In general, CI Movers is a professional Movers Singapore. We help our clients with their moving services such as residential moving and office moving. We also assist our clients with big ticket item such as piano moving. However, in order to give our clients a more well-rounded service, we have expanded our service offering by giving our clients the choice to engage us as their storage services company in Singapore.

Just to highlight, our storage services is basically a service that we give to our clients to allow them to store their goods or belongings with us on a temporary basis. This is our value-added service to our client from a moving company in Singapore. We are different from a self-storage company and we do not strive to be like them. In fact, a self-storage company acts more like our partner. Our key service is still to provide moving services to everyone in Singapore.

When a customer engages CI Movers for their storage warehouse services, what they get is a no-fuss, low-cost, straight-to-the-point storage services. Clients need not pay more for frills that they do not need. We're glad to share that most of our storage warehouse customers in Singapore are generally commercial offices or industrial customers. Our customers move their office or warehouse and they need a temporary storage space to store their goods or belongings.

In addition, when a customer engage CI Movers as their storage services provider, they also need not fret or worry over the coordination work between the Singapore movers and the warehouse logistics people. We're 1! We assist our clients with the moving services and we sent their belongings straight to our warehouse.


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