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You have staked your reputation on the quality of your products and your service to your clients. Once those products leave your site, you need to trust the custodian of those products and, ultimately, the custodian of your good reputation. Your service, integrity and care of your precisely monitored products are in someone else’s hands until they can be moved to your client in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and a storage warehouse and logistics provider in Singapore represents many important links in the supply chain connecting your products with your customers. Your storage warehouse provider can make or break your business. Selecting a storage services provider in Singapore is a critical decision for you and your clients.

So how do you make a decision without making a mistake?

Location, Location, Location

As with any real estate decision, you need to pick a location that will serve you well and suit your unique needs.  Answering these questions will help you locate a facility that meets your requirements for access and transport.

  • • Is the facility strategically located to major expressways or MRT station?
  • • How quickly and how far can the storage services provider move your goods?
  • • Is the provider convenient to your manufacturing and processing facility?
  • • Is the  storage warehouse provider strategically located to your end users?

But location is only part of the equation.

Facility Capabilities and Condition

Visiting the facility will help you answer more critical questions.

  • • Is the building in pristine condition, including roofing, ventilation, framing, lighting, insulation, flooring and drainage?
  • • Are the ceiling heights and loading docks sufficient to house and manage your products?
  • • Is the space adequate to house your products?
  • • Can the facility safely house various types of products without fear of contamination or adverse interactions?
  • • Does the facility provide adequate turning space and flow for products?
  • • What type of warehouse management system does the provider use and how will it facilitate your ability to track inventory and retain records?

Safety and Security

Your products are vulnerable to many risks and hazards once they leave your care. How can you be sure that your products will be safe and secure in this warehousing facility?

  • • What type of security system is installed?
  • • Does the facility have cameras, door alarms and electronic locks?
  • • Are sprinkler systems installed and in good operating condition?
  • • Is the facility temperature controlled to accommodate and protect various types of products?
  • • Is the weatherization adequate to protect your product?
  • • Are adequate pest control and eradication systems in place?


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