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Hard Work Of Being A Mover In Singapore

Moving a home or office is hard work. Period. It’s not something that everybody is qualified to do and it isn’t for the faint of heart. You need brute strength, technique, perseverance and a big smile to accomplish the everyday move work.

Everyday is filled with challenges, opportunities, and a constant sense of accomplishment. All of the movers at CI Movers are team players that are looking to build their careers, as well as to learn, gain insight and meet one challenge after another.

Starting out

When you start out as a mover in the professional moving business, you are the “Mr Do It All”. You are supposed to help your seniors and manager in all moving tasks. You are supposed to be a customer service officer to ensure that client is happy. You should also be very careful with what you are handling or moving before 1 mistake can be very costly.


With a little bit of time and dedication, it won’t be long before the junior can be trusted with carrying the antique hutches and fine Italian sofas.

Moving up

Once a junior has gotten a little experience under his belt, and has shown that he can be trusted, he gets to move up to a more senior position. The second man on the truck works hard and takes pride in his work. He has the ability to carry heavy items up and down stairs and around tight corners, and can be trusted to handle fragile items. This job also requires the mover to be efficient in both residential, as well as commercial moves.

He knows a lot of the tricks of the trade and is generally a very likable person and has good customer service skills. He works hard and is able to keep up with the best of them.

Continuing the climb

When it comes to being a professional mover, the best place to be is in the truck making everything fit and ensuring that nothing will get damaged in transit. The loader has to be methodical in their packing and has to safely pad-wrap and arrange all of the furniture, appliances, boxes, and odds and ends as carefully as possible.

Plus, the loader takes care of loading all of the delicate, unwieldy, and precious items to ensure their safe delivery to their new destination. If a loader is good, they can ensure that their crew gets a fat tip at the end of the move, and really can get the best crew to work with on subsequent moves down the line.

How it all adds up

Being a professional mover takes plenty of skill to be successful, and require more duties than simply moving furniture from one place to the next. It is a great position for those that don’t have a lot of work experience as well as those individuals that are physically active.


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