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Moving Services

We will handle items with care. Take a look to know more about our moving services

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Truck Rental

Our commercial vehicle is well maintained. Many choices of trucks upon your needs.

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Storage Warehouse

Need a place to store your items?  We’ve got the perfect facility for that.



C.I Movers did a great job for my house moving service; they handle all my stuff with care. With punctually timing and friendly services. The prices are reasonable too.

- Alan Lim

I requested for special timing to be done, and they reached earlier as I expect. In order not to delay my special timing. Fast and careful services I received, was appreciate by their careful job done.

- Jenny Ong

Due to unexpected suitable I need to move all my stuffs, lucky C.I Movers have this storage warehouse service. As I can store my stuffs there safely, and when my new house is ready they will arrange a timing to send back my stuffs.

- Jessica Tan

Other Moving Services Singapore

handy sevice information


Services to install/ dismantle beds, cupboards and more.

urgent delivery service details

Urgent Delivery Service

We provide urgent/overnight delivery service.

about our dispose services singapore

Disposal Service

We can help you dispose  bulky items.


Why Choose CI Movers?

Singapore is a very competitive market for movers like us. Although we have been in this industry for many years and we do have very positive recommendations, referrals and good word-of-mouth, it is still not easy to attract more new clients. (Especially in our line since many people only move a few times in their lives)

As such, we have came up with 3 solid reasons why you should choose CI Movers as your preferred home movers in Singapore!

Reason 1

We have the resources to handle your various moving operations. You must be thinking, hey, everyone will definitely have their resources to do so. Not quite. In Singapore, the labour market is very tough. It is not easy to employ people to move your house or office. Have we even mentioned that we have truck rental services too? :)

Over at CI Movers, we have the advantage of very loyal employees who have stick with us through thick and thin. We work as a family to ensure that your home or office gets the proper moving treatment that they rightfully deserved.

Reason 2

Our cost! Although we employ many local employees in both our executive and managerial positions, we still keep our cost down to attract new customers, as well as to maintain our existing pool of clienteles. In fact, many of our customers have feedback to us that our moving services is one of the cheapest in Singapore, and yet, we retain our top service!

Reason 3

Our diversity! Besides helping our clients with their home move or office move, we also help to store their goods! You heard me right. We do help our clients with their temporary storage solutions. We understand that many of our customers need to temporarily store their goods/belongings before, during and after their move. As such, we do provide our customers with an efficient, affordable and quality storage services, whenever they want it.


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